Assignment 0: Hello CS113!

The assignment as two parts.

Part 1: Due Thursday, September 1st, before midnight

  • Sign-up for dropbox and send your instructor (anormoyle at for Section I or apoliak at for Section II) the email address associated with the account.

Part 2: Due Thursday, September 8th, before midnight

  • Join slack

  • Look at the website!

  • Fill out this brief pre-course survey.

  • Install your development environment

  • Write your first program

1. Sign-up for Dropbox

Due Thursday, September 1

Please go to and register as soon as possible. We will be using dropbox for assignments, exams, and exercises.

Create a dropbox account and send an e-mail to the appropriate instructor (anormoyle at for Section I or apoliak at for Section II) with the e-mail used for dropbox account. You will then get an invite to share a folder for the course.

Dropbox has an option to automatically backup your computer but the free account only gives you 2GB of space. Do not choose this option when you install Dropbox. Otherwise, your dropbox can fill up immediately.

2. Course setup

Due Thursday, September 8th

2.1. Try slack

I will be inviting you all to join the course slack channel. In the introduction channel, say and introduce yourself:

  • What is your preferred name and pronouns?

  • Tell us your favorite food!

2.2. Read the website

Start by reading through all of the class webpage! Bookmark this page on your browser, or use some other method that helps you keep this information handy. All course materials and announcements will be posted on the course webpage!

Pay special attention to the Schedule.

2.3. Pre-course survey

Fill out this brief pre-course survey. Your answers will help your instructors get to know you and learn what you hope to get out of this course.

2.4. Setup Java

This class will teach the fundamentals of programming using Java.

2.5. Write a program

Write a program,, which prints a fortune like the ones typically found in fortune cookies. Use the program as a starting point. The program below is based on HelloWorld from program 1.1.1 in Sedgewick and Wayne.

// Name:
// Date:
// Description: Print a fortune to the console

public class Fortune {

  public static void main(String[] args) {
    System.out.println("Hello World!"); // todo: your message here

Below is an example of compiling and running your program.

$ javac
$ java Fortune
A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

2.6. What to hand-in

  1. The program,

  2. Make sure your program has a header containing your name, date, and purpose of the program

2.7. How to hand-in

  1. Copy your program,, to your dropbox, into the folder called A0. The instructor will create the folder A0 for you once you notify her with your Dropbox email address.